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Coaching & training advice

A lot of athletes practice without realizing how much (or how little) returns they get from their training work. Many people sometimes doubt their approach. Do I train too heavy? How long should my training last? How can I recover faster? How do I best spend the winter period? Sports2 provides a scientifically substantiated answer to all those questions. Here you are in the right place for a tailored customized training schedule, with personal follow-up. Whether you are a beginner, advanced or top athlete.


Due to its appreciated right-wing approach, Sports2 built a wide athletic file in cycling, walking, skating, duo and triathlon. With each athlete, the story begins with these three pillars:

  •     What is your basic condition?
  •     How much time can you spend on training?
  •     What do you want to achieve? Running a marathon? To climb the Mont Ventoux?


Through the online platforms Asicoach or Trainingspeaks Sports2, you will receive a personal training schedule. In addition, you can provide feedback on any completed training. In case of unforeseen circumstances, such as illness or injury, your schedule will be adjusted. Not only your physical, but also your mental condition is monitored. The athlete is always central. Nothing is left to chance.

The training plans are therefore 100% scientifically substantiated. Every athlete who chooses for an individual schedule, submits an effort or lactate test. Based on that, Sports2 can determine which heart rate zone you can best train and how long. For optimum returns!


Where necessary, your diet can also be adjusted to get even better results from your efforts. Sports2 advises you how to efficiently use dietary supplements before, during and after sports. Are you a professional or recreational? On all your questions about supplements, you get a solid response at Sports2. Which product works performance-enhancing? How can you recover better during a heavy training period? What is a good lactic acid buffer?


In summary, you can go to Sports2 for:

  •     General training advice
  •     Personalized training advice with guidance
  •     Group training
  •     Sporting company project

Contact us for further information!